Solution-Oriented Counseling

Stress, Relationships, Anxiety/Phobia, Grief, Trauma, Pain, Depression, Anger, Existential/Spiritual Issues

Life-Optimizing Coaching

Health/Nutrition, Lifestyle, Career, Happiness, Creativity, Peak Performance

Mind-Body Therapies

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energy Balancing, Yoga, Meditation

Customized Nutrition Response Testing (INRT)

"Ask Your Body" Process for determining Optimal Foods, Specific Nutrient Deficiencies, Toxin Removal Protocol

I see you as whole, no matter how broken you feel. I believe you can thrive, whether or not you have before. Well-being and success are your birthrights; cultivating them is a learned skill. Together we can remove what blocks you and develop what you need to make your best life.

April Rubino