Integrative Mindworks, created by April Rubino, is a unique collection of life-optimizing counseling, health and nutrition coaching, clinical hypnotherapy (deep relaxation, guided visualization, therapeutic dialogue), energy-balancing therapies (EFT, Reiki, Qigong, Core Transformation, Eden Energy Medicine), yoga therapy (breathwork, meditation, mindful movement and ecstatic chant), Customized Nutrition Response Testing (INRT), and practical teachings for mind and body to apply at home.

What is 'Mindworks'? Any practice that guides you to focus within yourself with the intent of improving some aspect of your life. Mindworks then helps you relax your resistance to achieving that intention. Mindworks builds a bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious minds, thus helping you to understand the signals your body is sending through any mental, emotional, or physical discomfort and to address the unmet needs creating your discomfort.

Why this mix? Everyone is unique in their way of learning, perceiving, and healing. For some, the body's needs must be assessed and addressed before the mind can find peace. Others respond best to cognitive processes, still others to metaphorical explorations. The diversity of approaches in Integrative Mindworks can give virtually everyone a way to rebalance themselves. And the blend of these methods enables you to work more directly with your deepest subconscious mind--the Bodymind.

Why is the Bodymind important? You might say that our mind is multi-dimensional. What psychology terms the 'Conscious Mind' is the rational, linear, critical part of our mental body. It is not well developed until around age 11 and exerts far less control over our lives than the various levels of the 'subconscious mind'. The highest level of the subconscious mind might be more accurately termed the 'Superconscious', as it is the source of creativity, inspiration, intuition and unconditional love. The 'Bodymind' contains the intelligence geared toward survival. It rules the autonomic nervous system that serves as the master controller for our body's functions and governs our 'gut' reactions and physiological responses to perceived events. The Bodymind also houses habits, emotions, memories, and early childhood programming about who we are and how the world works, which expresses in each of us as subpersonalities.

Because of this early programming our Bodymind tends to retain many false core beliefs and unfounded fears. As we mature, these faulty ideas stop us from realizing our full potential, creating a pattern of self-sabotage carried out below our ‘radar screen’. We see it when stored trauma and repressed emotions show up as disease. We see it when childhood coping behaviors interfere with our lives as adults.

Fortunately, you can change the ideas and feelings you hold as well as the habits you maintain, using Mindworks. You can also access your own profound personal wisdom or "higher knowing" with these processes that guide you to fulfill your highest potential.

Integrative Mindworks can improve your

On-site appointments, phone and Skype video sessions are offered to help you achieve the desired outcome for any issue you’re addressing. If you'd like to schedule a private session, refer to the 'Contact' page and call or e-mail to set up a time. Intake forms can be accessed from the Forms page and filled out prior to the first session.

Association memberships include the American Counseling Association, Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and the Yoga Alliance.