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Your mind has tremendous power...

Your mind has tremendous power—the power to control your physiological functions, to create the life you do want and to release those aspects you don’t want.

Integrative Mindworks can help you train your mind to clarify and support, rather than sabotage, your desires. You will learn how to relax, be present, and connect with your abundant personal resources. The result: more control over your life so you can feel better, work smarter, play harder and find more joy in everything you do.

What you believe, you achieve!

A belief is just a practiced thought.

What thoughts are you practicing now?


Stress Management Videos

Stress Management 1: Intro & Overview
Stress Management 2: About Stress
Stress Management 3: Using Your Senses
Stress Management 4: Audiotherapy; Mindfulness
Stress Management 5: Recordings; Humor; Breath
Stress Management 6: Conscious Breath, Self-Acceptance
Stress Management 7: Neck & Shoulder Relaxers
Stress Management 8: Yoga; Self-Massage
Stress Management 9A: No-Brainer Reminders
Stress Management 9B: The Power of Now
Stress Management 10: Emotional Freedom Techniques

Healing Music And Chant: Kirtan

Kirtan (pronounced KEER-tn) is a joyous and meditative type of yoga known as Bhakti, or devotional, yoga. In a Kirtan led by April Rubino, a group of people sing simple chants and songs from various spiritual traditions, often in a call and response format, accompanied by one or more musical instruments. Each song or chant is repeated for many minutes, allowing practitioners the opportunity to improvise and generate spontaneous harmonies or counterpoint. Various percussion instruments are available for participants to play (with) and those who are not comfortable singing can simply chant the words or just listen. All voices are welcome, and instrumentalists are invited to bring their own instruments.