As a clinical professional counselor licensed in Idaho, I can provide counseling for clients located within the state of Idaho. I no longer maintain a physical office in Moscow and conduct all sessions through phone or video conference.

My approach is holistic, solution-oriented and supportive. We identify your strengths, skills and resources, and then evaluate what is problematic. We sort out what can be changed versus what must be accepted. And then we work to clear away toxins and fill deficiencies in as many areas of life as possible. Cognitive-behavioral, 'Parts' therapy, and mind-body therapies all have their place in the treatment plan.

All clients must pay in full at time of service and apply to their insurance plans for reimbursement, if applicable, as I am not "in-network" with any insurance. At your request I can give you a receipt with all the information your insurer needs to process your claim. Discounted prepaid session packages are available, and those experiencing financial hardship may request sliding scale accommodations.



Whether you're looking to improve your health, navigate a life transition, find a new career, a new relationship, or dive deep into your own personal growth process, I can walk with you on that journey and smooth your way.

Initially we will work together to clarify your desires, assess your needs, identify obstacles, establish goals, and make a plan. Any and all tools in the Integrative Mindworks toolkit are available to facilitate this process, so your preferences will guide these choices.

Once the plan is made we will set up regular meetings via phone or video conference to help you stay on track. As you progress, we will adjust your course as needed until you reach your destination.

Hiring a coach to see you through is a commitment to yourself--one that takes time. To help you honor that commitment you can purchase sessions at a discount in groups of four or eight.



Facing an issue you don't know how to deal with? Or even where to start? Confused by conflicting advice?

Need help getting in touch with your heart's desire? Sorting out your own feelings about something? Choosing what is for your highest good?

Schedule a consult and let me help you shine some light on the situation so the answers become clearer.

If after your first consult, you find you would prefer to set up regular sessions, ask me if I have room for new counseling or coaching clients. If not, you can join the wait list or schedule single sessions as they are available.

Classes and Webinars

Periodically, I offer group trainings. Topics include:

  • Stress release and self-care
  • Finding your best meditation method
  • Honing your intuition
  • Cultivating deeper mind-body connection
  • Hearing your inner guidance
  • Getting to know your 'Parts'
  • Body-based sound healing
  • Amino acid therapy for mood and energy
  • And moreā€¦