I hope that everyone could open their hearts to this type of healing, because it makes your life so much easier and happier.
-- A. F. (Counseling/Personal Change with EFT client)

Thank you so much for your help -- it has been right on target and valuable.
-- L.H. (EFT phone client)

I really enjoyed the session, I've actually done a fair amount of energy tapping but it is quite different when someone else elicits the issues, the trance state was a bit deeper as well. I was satisfied with it and it will be interesting to see how things change in the days/weeks to come. Very good, April....thanks.
-- J.T. (EFT/hypnosis client)

I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and all the time you spent with me. I will not take advantage, but I may call again if I get "stuck."
-- P.F. (pro bono EFT phone client)

Thank you. Your intuitive help made a difference for me. You’re a caring soul who reaches out to others—and I sense you took a special interest in my case. Again—my gratitude I extend to you.
-- P.S. (coaching client)

I found this course very helpful in identifying patterns of behavior I have become accustomed to using. These patterns have felt like road blocks in my relationships, at work, and in my expectations of myself. By working through these patterns, I have found a lot more opportunity opening up for me.
-- Danielle (Personal Change with EFT student)

Thank you so much for the help you gave me. It has been a wonderful revelation.
-- M.M.(EFT/hypnosis/coaching client)

We wanted to write to let you know how grateful we are to you for sharing your gift of compassion and inspiration with us. You have been so generous with us, guiding us to know a new hope. We have both learned a little bit more about ourselves and how to reach inside to learn even more. Without your sensitivity, and the trust we have in you, we might have never discovered a new strength and understanding.
-- L.S. & M.S. (EFT/hypnosis/coaching clients)

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